Crazy for Nature

By Sara Feit, PUDDLESTOMPERS Nature Exploration April 14, 2018

If you were to ask, each and every part of our team at PUDDLESTOMPERS™ would gladly tell you that they are a self-proclaimed nature nerd. Each of our teacher naturalists has loved the outdoors from a young age, and can fondly remember seeing their first bird at age 3, or catching toads at age 6.  PUDDLESTOMPERS™ was founded on the basis of being able to facilitate these experiences for children throughout the greater Boston area. We’re proud to say we have developed content that can be successfully delivered to any community! PUDDLESTOMPERS™ believes that connecting a child to the natural world is vitally important; it creates curiosity, fosters independence, encourages knowledge, and produces lifelong learners.  

            Science has shown that kids who feel comfortable in nature tend to be more independent, creative, and compassionate. By creating an age-appropriate nature curriculum that engages our young explorers, we can make sure that each and every child feels at ease in the natural world.  We ensure every class has the best possible mix of fun and learning, through various activities and hands-on exploration! No matter the season and no matter the community, there are always natural wonders to be found.  Whether it be a worm making its way through the soil or a chickadee fluffing up its feathers for a cold winter wind, there’s always something new to observe in nature. By taking the time to observe, you’re helping both yourself and your child develop mindfulness, appreciation, and inquisitiveness.

            Children deserve to know about the natural world, and to feel equally at home in and protective of the world around them. By introducing your child to a plethora of new animals, habitats, and nature concepts, we strive every day to do just that through the variety of our program offerings. By incorporating state standards for STEM/STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) into all of our lessons and activities, we ensure that the tangible learning process will stick with these young naturalists for a lifetime. From a parent learning something new alongside their child to using circuits to imitate lightning bug flashes, our unique curriculum promises a memorable learning experience for every age.

            No matter the class, our basic tenets are the same.  Children should come to us to have fun, and learning something in the process can only add to that experience.  By equipping the littlest nature enthusiasts with knowledge, we can be sure that we are doing our part to create a generation of future stewards with a lifelong love of nature.  After all, it’s just so good to be outside! 

PUDDLESTOMPERS™ Nature Exploration offers a variety of programming throughout the greater Boston area for ages 2-8, including Child/Adult classes, Vacation Programs, weekly Summer Drop-off Programs, Birthdays, Afterschools & Enrichments. To learn more about our offerings, visit us at