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By Maker Oats June 11, 2018

Summertime and the living should be easy. But many parents still find themselves spending more time meal planning and prepping, and less time splashing and soaking with family and friends. For a stress-free, nutritious, best-summer-ever, follow these simple summer survival tips:

Morning Made Simple

Make mornings a breeze by making breakfast in minutes the night before. Maker Overnight Oats come in convenient pre-mixed recipes that combine thick-cut oats with unique fruits, nuts and seeds. You just add your milk of choice, mix and refrigerate overnight. It’s organic, Non-GMO, and vegan, so it’s a breakfast everyone can feel good about.  

Grab and Go Snacks

Kids of all ages love to participate in making snacks they love to eat. Get them involved by cutting up colorful and in-season fruits and veggies and putting them in recyclable containers with their names on each, or put on skewers for fresh, fun kabobs.  Easy snacks, ready to grab-and-go throughout the day.


What’s better on a hot day than a cold popsicle? Ditch the sugar-laden ice pops for more nutritious options that you can make with the kids. Think smoothies on a stick – made with avocado, Greek yogurt and fresh blueberries. Get creative, blend and freeze!

Dream it, theme it

Did someone say fiesta? Create a simple, do-it-yourself taco bar with taco shells, shredded veggies and proteins of your choice. Or how about a night picnic in the house? Lay out blankets, have ready-made sandwiches to grab and watch some indoor stars by picking a family-friendly movie.

Summer vacation is not just for the kids. Make summer simple, healthy and tasty with meals and snacks that make you the coolest parent this hot summer.